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Top 5 American Idol – 2009 Finalists

Originally, this post was meant to talk about their style, and how it has evolved since the first day we saw them audition for the show. But while I was writing, I was also watching the Wednesday night vote off. My write up immediately took a different turn when my favorite, Adam, was voted not only bottom three, but bottom two. That was a shocker!!!

If Adam had been voted off, I would have stopped watching American Idol for good. So for AI’s sake, I hope this does not repeat itself again. Adam has to win this season. He is the best! I like Kris too, I think he is talented – they all are, but I don’t like what he does with his mouth at times. He is a cutie, though.

What do you all think? Who’s got the talent here? Can you predict the final two or winner?

Also, I guess we can circle back to fashion. What’s your take on how their wardrobe has evolved?

Adam Lambert:


Kris Allen:


Allison Iraheta:


Danny Gokey:


Matt Giraud:




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