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The Best Swimsuit for Your Bod.

The key to picking a bathing suit is knowing what ones body type is. So here are some of my picks for the best bathing suits for your bod.

For those who are smaller on top, you might want to go with something with a touch of padding, or an underwire to give a little oomph.

One Piece

For those like me that are big on top, I’d advice to avoid strapless bandeau tops such as this one because they will only emphasize the size of the breasts even more. Now that isn’t essentially a bad thing of course, I personally would rather not go there though.untitled11They of course would be perfect for those that are smaller on top.

A bathing suit that would look really good on one who is bigger on top is this key-hole one-piece from Victoria’s Secret.


It gives the maximum coverage, but yet is still very sexy.

For those of us that have also been “blessed” with a short torso, one pieces with vertical stripes, or plaid one’s like this one piece from Delia’s can do the trick, as they give an illusion of length.


For those who are plus size, yes modesty is fine, but avoiding too much fabric is the way to go. Just ensure that you are showing skin in the right places.


I love this one-piece from Lane Bryant especially because it gives full coverage, yet it also accentuates the curves very nicely.

So yup, it’s that time of the year again… Break out the swimsuits and flaunt what you’ve got…! :~).

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