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Pad Thai & Tom Ka Kai Soup Fever

Sorry if I just made you really hungry and crave, but I had to. I can’t be in this misery alone. Lol. I’ve been actively searching for the best restaurant in the Los Angeles area that serves both Pad Thai and Tom Ka Kai soup (this is also spelled Tom Kha Gai as well as probably 4-5 other variations/translations). I’m getting tired of these fancy restaurants that dish out a tiny portion for $13/plate and the food is nothing to write home about. As a matter of fact, it leaves you hungry and wanting more. I need one of those “hole in the wall” type places. Where you can get a big bowl of pad thai or noodles for $5 and still have some leftovers to take home with you.


The last time husband and I were in Thailand, in addition to visiting as many temples possible, our mission was to find “the” restaurant with the best Pad Thai and Tom Ka Kai soup. We were there for a little over two weeks and sampled many restaurants in Bangkok and Koh Samui. There were a few that turned out pretty darn good, but we didn’t find the best until our very last day in Thailand. A few hours before our flight. And yup, it was a little “hole in the wall.” The food was orgasmic good!!! I was so pissed that we didn’t find it sooner. It was so good, we each had one for dinner, shared another, and then bought some more for the plane ride.


And as far as the Tom Ka Kai soup, my husband is a freak when it comes to choosing the perfect taste. And rightfully so. The first time I tasted the soup, I didn’t care much for it. Of course, it was here in the States, so it wasn’t authentic. But when we got to Thailand, I became a freak just like him. Searching for the best soup in town. It was insanely hot in Thailand…over 100 degress, but we didn’t care. We’d be sweating and souping it at the same time…lol.



So if you all know of a cool spot in town, do share. Or if you’ve had similar experiences with any kind of food, where you had a wake up call after finding out that it was not made traditonally in the States, feel free to speak on it. Recommendations and such are welcome. Let us know the origin of the food, where you traveled to and your wonderful experience.



  1. Former LA April 19, 2009 Reply

    Try Original Thai in North Hollywood. It’s a hole in the wall place but very good and their health rating is always an A

  2. Lai B OgBoye April 28, 2009 Reply

    I love Thai food!
    I’m a Thai Masamman (Pork)
    and Fragrant rice(coconut)
    Girl myself.
    You can’t beat Thai food when
    it comes to Bilinis, makes entertaining
    so much more fun.

    Share some quick & easy
    recipes luvvie.

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