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Your Boyfriend’s Shirt

Everyone is talking about the “boyfriend” jeans, and it seems to be the trend these days. But what about your boyfriend’s shirt? I have always loved that look. I rocked it 11years ago when I was pregnant with my son. I’d wear them with leggings, or shorts, roll up the sleeves and pop my collar. And it seems like it’s never going away. I remember pairing a crisped white boyfriend shirt with a long ball room type skirt to a BET Award show – again with the rolled up sleeves and popped collar and got compliments galore.

In any case, here are some looks to give you ideas. You can get really creative with it. You can dress it up or dress down. But one thing you should never do is pair it up with a pair of “baggy” boyfriend jeans. You don’t want to do baggy on top and bottom – that will be a complete train wreck, my dears.

stylepantryboyfriendshirt2 stylepantryboyfriendshirt1

You can also pair it with a small or medium sized belt slouched or directly placed on your waist.


If you have other ideas on how to wear or what to pair your boyfriend’s shirt with, feel free to share with our readers. The boyfriend’s v-neck t-shirt look is also hot. It brings out the tomboy in you, but in a sexy, not sloppy way.





Do you all remember back in 1998 when Sharon Stone wore her husband’s $40 Gap dress shirt with a Vera Wang skirt to an Award show? I thought she looked lovely. She inspired me.

Make it a Style Pantry weekend, Lovelies!



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  1. Debbie April 17, 2009 Reply

    You’ll notice they all have spindly thin legs, the danger with this is that once it’s a trend EVERYONE wears it – and you have alot of very scruffy looking, sorry but THICK LEGGED girls and women wearing then. I guess that’s why the phrase “‘FASHION VICTOM” was born. Ladies beware, look in the mirror as well as in the fashion mags, lol. x

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