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Palm Pre vs. Apple iPhone.

The two must have phones for summer 09 are the Palm Pre (Sprint), and the iPhone (AT&T) with the new software update.

iPhone and Palm Pre.Phones such as the Samsung Instinct, the Blackberry Storm, and T-mobile’s Google G1 have all attempted to claim the coveted title of “iPhone killer” but sadly, still fall embarrassingly short. The only phone that I believe comes pretty close to being the iPhone killer is the Palm Pre.

Frankly, when it pertains to aesthetics, ease of use, and overall user experience, the iPhone is parallel to none IMO. Apple obviously has all those facets down to a science, and I believe manufacturers could learn a thing or two from them. Being the closet geek that I am, I have a word document titled “iPhone cons” which lists the reasons why I don’t own an iPhone at the moment, and it was to my delight when at the 2009 iPhone OS Preview Event in mid-March, Scott Forstall (Steve Jobs is on medical leave till June) announced some new features that would be coming with the new software update dubbed the iPhone OS 3.0 software, slated for release this summer.

It felt as though he was catering to me!

The updates included cut & paste, MMS messaging, GPS turn-by-turn directions (developers will be able to build applications for this), SMS forwarding, multiple SMS sending, and multiple SMS forwarding. These are features that my current phone (Palm Treo 755) has, and I think it is only fair for me to demand this of a new phone that I will be shelling 300 something odd dollars for.  Apple is keeping mum about whether or not they will be releasing a new phone along with the 3.0 software update, but methinks it is very likely.

The first iPhone came out in summer ’07, the 3G, summer ’08, so it is safe to assume that there will be a new phone this summer also… 4G anyone? The Palm Pre is coming with an all new interface such as an area below the screen used for thumb swipes to navigate through the user interface, a trackball that brings up all apps back to the home screen (Similar to the “home” button on the iPhone), unlike Previous Palm OS phones which have a separate applications page. Palm is also introducing a relatively new technology with the Pre called Touchstone. This technology allows the Pre to be charged without a cable. Pretty cool if you ask me.

So this summer, I have a huge decision to make. I’ve been with Sprint since 2004. I had the Treo 600, 650, 700, and now the 755… My contract with them ended last August so my options are to either renew it and get a discounted rate on the Pre, or ditch them altogether and get the iPhone. What to do…? What to do…? As a proud Apple fangirl, the decision is a no-brainer. :D.

Side by side comparison of the Pre and the iPhone (FYI, some of the upcoming features unfortunately do not apply to the iPhone 1st gen).

Side-by-side comparison.

Disclaimer: I’m no techie, this is just my slightly biased opinion.

Images & grid: http://www.iphonespies.com/iphone-news/iphone-3g-vs-palm-pre/



  1. lanre April 14, 2009 Reply

    the iphone is a no brainer for real, though I prefer the BB service.

  2. Greg April 14, 2009 Reply

    I love the iPhone. No doubt. And like closet gEEk here, I am running up against my contract with Sprint. Which means that I’ve been going through this very same decision. I however, think that I’m going to stick with SPRINT and the new Palm Pre. Everyone that’s played with the Pre has remarked at how fantastic it is, and with the QWERTY slide out keyboard, it is winning me over. I suppose that I’ll have to wait until it actually comes out so that I can hold it and assess it for real, but I’m definitely leaning towards the Pre.

    A few months back I lost my Motorola Q (worst battery in existence), and ended up through the course of things with a free Palm Centro from Sprint as a replacement. The Palm OS is so damn sturdy and reliable. It made me a convert within the first few days.

    While I love the aesthetics of the Apple, and being a designer I’m a die-hard Mac supporter, I just don’t like how proprietary everything is that Apple releases. I am hoping for more Mobile OS standards, not just for the OS’s, but also for the applications, connectors, media, and such. I don’t get the same proprietary feel from the Palm Pre, though on this point, I just don’t know enough to hold or construct a proper opinion.

    Besides the G1, are there any other phones people think should be in the conversation? Any of the BlackBerry’s worth mentioning here?

  3. closet gEEk April 15, 2009 Reply

    Another phone that can definitely hang with the like of the Palms, and the iPhones is the BlackBerry. I think the concept of BlackBerry Messenger is genius really… I might be wrong, but I don’t think any other phone has the feature that allows one IM others across the globe that own the same phone. Solely for this feature, the BlackBerry Curve is another phone I’m considering. I agree with you Greg on the fact that one can’t fully assess the Pre until you actually have it in your hands and get to play with its features.

  4. 10101010 May 20, 2009 Reply

    I want the palm pre sooooooooooooooooooooo baad :(:(:(:( i like it better than the iphone even though the iphone rockz!!! :):):):):)

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