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The Denim Diagnosis (Women)

Like we did for the men, we are doing for the women. Recommending that new favorite pair that you have been longing for. We promise that you won’t go wrong with any of these choices. I happen to own about 4 of the brands listed and swear by them. We have also listed a price range, and as always, don’t quote us on ’em. Depending on where you live, sales, etc., prices may vary.

Also, keep in mind that these brands/designers do carry different cuts, however, we selected the ones that are very “in” and will be for a while. Enjoy!

PS – The idea here is to think outside the True Religion box 🙂

Dylan George $200 to $250


Genetics $231



Level 99 $169 & up

stylepantrylevel99w stylepantrylevel99wjeans

Nudie $179 to $699


Rich & Skinny $196



William Rast $209



Kill City $70 to $100


stylepantrykillcityw stylepantrykillcity1

Nobody $156 & up





  1. Debbie April 13, 2009 Reply

    1 pair Rch & Skinny (I wish) and 1 pair Kill City for me please!

  2. kemi April 13, 2009 Reply

    great choices if you have the right body. for the sisters with a bigger rounder behind i will suggest joie, citizen of humanity , seven and hudson jeans and the sister with flatter behind like yours truly i will suggest notify, gray ant, habitual, earnest sewn and jbrand and also i think your choices are too of the moment we should dress for our bodies not the current trend especially after 25 years old and definetly after 30 we should be stylish and sophisticated. clothing and accesories are investments especially with the global reccession. most my jeans are 5 years or older and i am happy i invested well

  3. Trendy April 15, 2009 Reply

    Now that true religion jeans have become the social uniform in Nigeria, i wish i had not spent so much on them in the past.

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