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Picked Your Purse For The Season?

If not, here are a few options to look at. Keep in mind that while these might be on the pricey range for some, they are good investments and timeless pieces. You can rock them all year round too. I carefully selected these pieces because they are not the “it” bags. You will not find every soul carrying one in the streets. Let me know what you think 😉







Personally, I like big bags. I think most women do. I also selected colors that work – won’t necessarily clash with your outfit. Keep in mind that you don’t have to match your entire ensemble. If you have four different colors going on, you are safe. As long as it’s not more than four. Keep it minimal.







Here is my last choice. I have to say, this bag is really worth the purchase. I have it in gray and I get complemented A LOT! It’s not loud, yet, it makes a statement. Personally, I think it looks better in gray. It also has that vintage, worn look. Quite lovely.





  1. Shy April 10, 2009 Reply

    Fabulous! I’m literally sitting here salivating LOL!…that Gucci bag is to die for!

  2. kemi April 13, 2009 Reply

    the fendi and black ysl are great choices. but i believe in buying timeless investment pieces if you are going to purchase a really expensive exotic skin bag i think you should stick to hermes kelley or birkin, ralph lauren ricky bag and lana mark. good choices

  3. Author
    SP April 13, 2009 Reply

    Those are great selections too. The Ralph Lauren Ricky bag is def. a must have. Unfortunately, you can find knock-offs of the the Hermes Kelley everywhere, and everyone knows and wants a Birkin bag. The idea here is to go for what very few people know about or want.

  4. Trendy April 15, 2009 Reply

    I am over Gucci, every gucci bag i have, has had to be returned to the store to be fixed. I like Celine, they are well made, but they do not get enough press (is Micheal Kors still the designer?), Fendi, hmmm…. nice bags but they are knocked-off, the minute they hit the stores. Chloe is nice but do not stand the test of time, do not pay full price for these, you will be really sad later when the leather starts to wrinkle and the color fades. I am loving YSL these days (even though they are in the Gucci family), hopefully they will not become a ghetto favourite like gucci and LV.

    Purses cost a bundle, so before you purchase one, check all the details (stitching, hardware) to ensure they are well made. I consider my purses investment, as i intend to pass them on to my daughter. High-end designer purses hold value, you can always get back at least half of the cost if you sell them on ebay. I do not see anyone paying that much for a two-year old Kenneth cole. When i do get my hermes birkin, it will definitely be in my will. hee hee.

  5. LisaandBruce Balistreri November 5, 2010 Reply

    I need the blue 70s hippy jeans!! How and where and who do I pay,compliment all day and night to get these fab jeans???

  6. LisaandBruce Balistreri November 5, 2010 Reply

    How do I get the light blue hippy 70s jeans??? No price too high for embellished or plain!!!

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