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Tyson Beckford’s Style @ The Bravo A-List Award

I like Tyson’s style. I think it’s ever changing. He showed up at the Bravo Award this past weekend in this white suit, pink v-neck tee and black shoes. The only thing I would have changed? His shoes. Instead of black, I’d have gone with brown. Or even a pair of thong sandals. If anyone can pull it off, it’s Tyson. That’s assuming he has nice feet 🙂


Maybe it’s the cut of his trousers. Something is off and the black shoes are not working with the outfit. I’d have even preferred like a pair of Nike low or hi-tops. Seriously. To rough it up a bit.


Nonetheless, everything from the waist up is perfect. He looks really cute. His accessories are on point too. I love a man that is bold enough to wear colors. Especially PINK. And the v-neck tee? It certainly puts a man on a whole new ‘sexy’ category.


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  1. Mandy April 10, 2009 Reply

    I love men in pink too 🙂

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