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Lindsay Lohan Does China’s Harper’s Bazaar


Lindsay Lohan graces the cover April 2009 issue of Harper Bazaar and the picture is looking a little weird. Didn’t even recognize her in the photo to begin with it. In addition, the picture kinda looks old?!?!

That being said, the make up turned out great and Lindsay looks fab. I think they did an awesome photo-shop job. If we are being real here.


There’s been current talks back and forth about the level of photo shopping in the fashion and beauty industry. Photo shopped photos has been around for ages – why is it all of a sudden a big deal? Recently, a pic of ### ####### leaked out virtually before the magazine was published. It showed her pics supposedly “heavily” photo-shopped. I personally don’t see much of a difference, but you be the judge. Kim is beautiful photo-shopped or not.


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