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Chris Brown Pleads Not Guilty

Though, he allegedly assaulted Rihanna, who was his girlfriend at the time, he plead not guilty to two felony counts in court today. I wonder how this case is going to unfold. Maybe he’ll take a plea bargain??? Maybe there’s a bunch of evidence in his favor to introduce to the case?? Who knows, right?


At Style Pantry, we do not condone any sort of abuse or violence!

That being said, this post is focusing more on his outfit. He is in all black, which sends the message (in this case) that he is sad and feels sorry for his actions, judging from the look on his face.


I like his cardigan/jacket/blazer. He is not dressed in the “formal” suit like everyone does when they have to appear in court. Instead, he added a little twist to the whole suit thing, and it works.

Do you all think he is trying to send a message by wearing all black?



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