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Power Dressing with Shoulder Pads!

Power dressing…..S Pads!


I would first of all like to start this blog with one name that epitomises power dressing……Grace Jones. If anyone pulled off this look immaculately it was her on the cover of her NIGHT CLUBBING album.

Think Alexis and Crystal Carrington from 80’s TV phenomenon Dynasty, power dressing especially big shoulders are back for good.


From the catwalk to the High street the return to 80’s style power dressing is evident as designers from Bal main to Marc Jacobs and high street brands like River Island , Asos and Topshop are stocking up on this trend.


Everyone from Posh, Lady Gaga to Estelle are jumping on the S-pad wagon and far from looking like something regurgitated from the 80’s they look futuristic.


The concept of executive dressing for women at work was a wardrobe staple by the end of the 80s, even Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher got in on the mix. Power dressing and everything it encompassed (Pointy courts, cross body bags, shawls, broaches e.t.c) a remained in a much subtler minimalist form way into the 90s even though the power dress was an 80’s symbol of economic stability and excess.

S-Pads did look and feel quite mannish, it was up to the wearer to soften this strong looks with floppy silk scarves ( like the Sloane rangers: Ladies like Princess Diana and other socialites of the day) or with a tight pair of skinny jeans and a body suit as seen on Sade Adu in her video for Sweetest Taboo.

To avoid looking like a gremlin, make sure you wear heels if you are vertically challenged or petite and top off your look with sleeked back hair. A school of thought is that there is no point in wearing S-pads if you are going to cover them up with your locks. Also stay clear off s-pads if you have a short neck, again you would end up looking frumpy and totally missing the point.



  1. Jakpa April 6, 2009 Reply

    I can’t believe they are back!!! They should do change an outfit!! Looking forward to wearing tops/dresses with s pads! I soo wich i could go back in time and unearth my clothes from like 15-20 years ago! Damn i’m old! lol

  2. Shy April 10, 2009 Reply

    I’m sad, but i’m sure my mother is somewhere celebrating! LOL! She didn’t leave the house w/o her ‘pads in 80’s. LMAOO!

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