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Chris & Rihanna Record A Duet – After The Assault

This is just all kinds of wrong. This is totally sending the wrong message and I feel so bad for them because they are so young and they have tons of fans that appreciate and love their music. Young men and women that look up to them.

I wonder what the lyrics are about. Do any of you care or wonder too? I’m sure it’s probably about the assault. Maybe Chris tells/sings about why he punched her in the face, and she sings back saying, “make sure it’s the last time and don’t do it again” and then they chorus…”but I’m still inlove with you, and together, we are strong..we’ll make it through.”  Ok! You all know I just totally made that up, right?


I Like these two. It’s so unfortunate that the whole assault thing happened. Chris Brown had such a promising career. Saw him as the next Usher, and if I may push further, Michael Jackson. Sorry, folks. And Rihanna? Totally love(d) her style. Not too crazy about some of her music, but nonetheless, she was doing it and holding it down. She is very beautiful too.

We can only wish them well at the point, eh?




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