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Glad To See Owen Wilson & Kate Hudson Back Together?

We all remember their traumatic break-up, right? The one where Owen Wilson attempted suicide, but luckily ended up at Cedars Sinai Medical Hospital and fully recovered?!? Well, I certainly can’t forget. It was around the same time I was in the same hospital. He was there to get saved and I was there to deliver a baby. The chaos was insane. Police cars everywhere, paparazzi everywhere. Fans everywhere.


A few sources; blogs and media outlet claimed that he started doing drugs excessively after Kate broke up with him. Some said Kate broke up with him because he won’t quit doing drugs. Whichever the case is, only Owen & Kate know the truth. At StylePantry, we don’t gossip or report gossip unless we have firsthand information and have checked reliable sources. We are fans of both of them and we simply want to know what our readers thinks of their rekindled union.


Are you glad to see them back together again? They have been spotted biking together, spending time at Wilson’s pad in Malibu, and most recently, traveling together – spending time in France. They both arrived at LAX together over the weekend, albeit they went out of their way to make sure they weren’t photographed together. Could it be that they are trying to be cautious this time around. I wish them well. They look great together and they seem like a fantastic couple.

Word is that they are also trying for a baby. What’s that saying…third time is a charm right? Let’s hope they get it together this time.




  1. Debbie March 9, 2009 Reply

    I’m happy they’re happy. As much as it’s another person’s business I will say that for me, a relationship borne of or based on too much dependance for one or other of the partners isn’t a balanced on. Interdependance is the key. I would now be slightly worried that this relationship may not be able to bear the ups and downs of all relationships in life unless Owen is whole – without Kate. Now a baby? A child will strengthen a strong relationship, and demolish a fragile one. I wish them the best as we all deserve to be with the one we love, but we have to love ourselves the most.

  2. Adanma June 12, 2009 Reply

    It is June , now and word is she don’ moved on to Alex Rodriguez.

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