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Unclutter The Cluster

So how long have you been putting off organizing your closet, living room or office? A while, huh? Well, may be I can help you start today. Let’s tackle this a room at a time. First, dress down. Put on something comfortable. Shorts, sweatpants, leggings, whatever. Bring out a box/bag and label it “charity.” You are going to donate to the needy today.

Your Closet: Do you have items you haven’t worn in 6months? Of course, besides the seasonal clothes. Pull them out and place them in the “charity” box. Don’t give it a second glance 🙂 If you have not worn them in 6months, you have probably forgotten you own them. Whatever is left, organize by color, and pieces. for instance, all white shirts should stick together, all black pants should stick together. This makes it easier for you to find items. If you wake up one morning and decide that you want to put on a yellow top, along with a red skirt, well, look through all your yellows and reds. Here’s another suggestion that has been useful to me. I purchased a bunch of the clear boxes below from http://www.containerstore.com, folded my baby t-shirts, and tops (the not so fancy & expensive ones)  by color. For instance, all my black t-shirts and tops went into one container, all blues went into another, and so forth. Labeled and stacked them on top part of my closet. Fits right in.


Then look down at those shoes. Are they collecting dust?  Be true to yourself. If you go, “geez, totally forgot I had these” add them to the stack going to charity. If you have way too many shoes in your closet and you have lost the battle of keeping them in an orderly or neatly fashion, I’d suggest going to the container store to pick up some containers or shoe racks. That’s what I did. I stacked them in a container by color and heel inches, then labeled the containers. I use the same container above for my shoes as well. So, I have containers for flats, 1” heels, 2″heels..etc. You can fit up to six or seven sandals into one container. Depending on the size of your feet. You can mount these containers at the bottom of your closet to create space and make your closet look decent.

stylepantry-storage-box stylepantrycloset3 stylepantrycloset4 stylepantrycloset

Your Living Room: I’m a sucker for clutter free space. When people come over, they never fail to ask “are you moving out, or you just moved in?” I love it. For instance, when shopping for your living room, you don’t have to buy an entire living room set just because it’s on sale or the sales rep is trying to sell it to you. One large couch is more than enough. You don’t need the center table, the two coffee tables, etc. If you do without the center table, in place of that, you can go with a nice center or area rug. This will accent the room and add some flavor. Also, if you have a dining set, the extra chairs will do when you have people over, trust me. Or you can get those floor pillows for friends to sit on. Those can be easily tucked under the couch when your visitors leave. Also, a little mini bar area with two bar stools works. Again, this all depends on the space you are working with. As far as entertainment, let’s give those huge entertainment sets a break. They take too much space, and could be hazardous if you have kids. Especially when they are not balanced properly. A good friend had this happen to her. Her son was playing by the entertainment set when was a baby, and the entire thing, including the contents fell on top of him. He has been confined to a wheel-chair ever since. So, please, take precaution.  Ikea has several choices in place of this. Research TV stands. Or opt for an affordable flat screen TV that you can mount on the wall.

stylepantryliving stylepantryliving1 stylepantryliving2

Your Office: A desk like the one below is a nice, affordable space saver. I especially like this one because you can file all your documents away. You can color code your folders, stack your books away. It is more than enough space. The top has space for your computer/laptop,  your printer, pen holder, and a couple of binders. It works.


Your Kitchen: A clean kitchen and bathroom makes a home. While most kitchen come with enough drawers and cabinets to stay organized, some don’t know how to work with it. Here are just a few suggestions to add some flair to your kitchen. Again, they are cheap and affordable. Feel free to share other suggestions you may have.

stylepantrykitchen3 stylepantrykitchen1 stylepantrykitchen21 stylepantrykitchen31 stylepantryoversinkshelf


Container Store – http://www.containerstore.com

Ikea – http://www.Ikea.com



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